All Google Chromebooks, save one particular model, have a software update waiting for them. Google announced the update for the Chrome OS Stable channel Thursday, saying it would roll out over the next several days for all Chromebooks minus the Lenovo ThinkPad X131e.

What’s in the update? Some great features that people (like me) on the Chrome OS Dev or Beta channels have been enjoying for weeks:

The new “immersive” mode is quite useful, providing a true full-screen experience across all browser tabs and apps. The top menu bar and bottom toolbar automatically hide until you hover over one or the other. You can also Pin apps to the bottom bar with a drag and drop action. Here’s an example screencap from my Pixel:

Also in this update: Choosing a default wallpaper on one Chrome OS device will now sync across any others you use. And you can navigate back or forward on a browser tap by using a two-fingered swipe gesture. Overall, these little tweaks have provided a measurable benefit in my productivity and user experience on the Chromebook Pixel as Google continues to mature its new operating platform.
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