“We are trying to grow our non-Windows business as soon as possible.”

It doesn’t get more blunt than that comment, which was said Thursday by Acer president, Jim Wang, on a investor conference call. According to the Wall Street Journal, Wang’s statement comes on the heels of a surprise quarterly loss for Acer, due to slowing sales and rising expenses. The company reported a loss of NT $343 million (US $11.4 million).

Wang detailed his expectations of a bigger product mix using Google’s Android and Chrome OS products instead of Microsoft Windows. He expects the products built on the Google platforms to account for 10 to 12 percent of Acer’s revenues this year with a 30 percent jump in 2014.

Currently, Acer sells a few Android tablets as well as the C7 Chromebook, so this isn’t new territory for the company. Instead, it’s a reflection of the move towards tablets and alternative platforms for computing; something Microsoft has attempted with little success in its own Surface slates.
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