IT should ignore the naysayers and consider adopting the Google Chromebook. Thatís the conclusion of a Forrester Research Report that looked at the future of the networked computer in the enterprise.

According to Forrester, the Chromebook has its drawbacks, but in particular scenarios it is a good bet for the enterprise. The research analyst firm cites two clear benefits:

Innovation: Chromebook adoption would mean less time servicing PCs, laptops and other devices. For years, IT staff has spent a good bit of its time installing software and maintaining licenses. The networked model of a device like the Chromebook can reduce this time spent on support and free IT to work on new initiatives, such as location awareness or 3D printing.

Collaboration: Chromebook adoption means adopting a corporate Gmail account, and Gmail is a gateway to collaborative work styles. One CIO told Forrester that the employee shift was organic and automatic to Google Drive after the adoption of Gmail.
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