Right now I own a Samsung Tab S (10.1). It's about 4 years old and I'm thinking of getting something newer soon.

I had a Chrome notebook about 5 years ago. I'm sure things have upgraded in that time. I'm thinking about a new tablet/2-n-1 soon.

Would you recommend an Android or ChromeOS device? And why?

About me: I'm a fairly advanced user (can root android, can write code, etc). This would be my daily tablet (watch netflix, surf the web, etc). I am concerned with privacy. One BIG downside to both is the relationship to Google. I need VPN because I will be out of the US a lot (and because it's just smart to VPN).

Budget is about $300 which seems about right for a mid-range ChromeBook.

What do you all think? What would you get? I'm going to post a similar Q in the Android forum.