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    Intel 5100 AGN wireless network card driver issue


    My Lenovo SL5100 just got a Chrome OS installed. I am not able to see the wireless netcard in the "Network Connections". If I try to add a wireless connection nothing shows up when I press the arrow down at "Device MAC address".
    In the "Hardware Information" the card is listed and if I run "dmesg | grep -i wireless" in a terminal i get this: [ 18.755235] Intel(R) Wireless WiFi driver for Linux, in-tree:d

    Anybody able to help?

    Best regards, Brian

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    [in order to ID this address]
    1) Can you obtain the wireless MAC address from the manufacturer?
    2) Or else: Try to boot this device (Lenovo SL5100 ) with a disk or flash based Linux?

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    I have also suffered a lot from the Intel 5100, but I couldn't fix the error. I have also searched a lot on the Internet for its fix, but, still failed. Finally, when I visited the site macbook pro won't turn on, it solved all the issues that I'd faced with my MacBook Pro.

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