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    HTML5 Playback Speed: 0.5-4.0 the limit?


    I'm experimenting with extensions such as HTML 5 VideoSpeed Controller on Youtube and other Website in Chrome to view lectures/films faster; why does HTML5 audio cut out at anything faster than 0.5 and 4.0 and is there the possibility of changing this to audio to be sustained higher than x4 speed, or do Chrome have to change their code to allow that? Can't see that happening. Any knowledge/help appreciated.

    Please help.
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    According to the source code, Firefox should clamp effective playback rate to the 0.0625 - 16.0 range. If you set the property to 2, it doubles the playback speed, while .5 will play at half speed.The W3C spec doesn't recommend an upper limit, but Internet Explorer limits playbackRate up to 8x speed.

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