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Thread: Hello all

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    Hello all

    Just wanted to intro myself to this community. My name is Elden and I am a desktop software eng who is just starting to learn web development. I am really interested in developing for the chrome OS and I am glad that I found this site to help me on my journey. Thanks! #LQOSCON

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    Welcome to CQ.


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    Hello Elden,
    You could be a great help to folks who own Chromebooks and are trying to work offline.

    I am unaware of anyway to save text files without being connected to a network.
    I have assumed that the application software for this platform runs off a "cloud based application setting."

    Of course in real life we all get detached from any network; it would be great if we could keep working when we are off-line.

    Are you aware of any utilities that function like "notepad" that store text in transferable formats, possible to a removable data card or flash drive.

    Or better yet would you willing to write one?

    I have a bias for open source apps, but that may not be necessary or helpful from the developer's point of view.

    Thanks, Andy

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