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    Arduino on a chromebook?

    I'm helping a class full of students get into Arduino programming, but they all have Chromebooks. Aside from installing Crouton or similar, is there a way to program an Arduino from a Chromebook?

    I found a Chrome plugin called Chromeduino, but it appears to be unmaintained. To compile, it uploads the code to a server, but the server appears to be dead. In other words, this is not a functioning option.

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    OK, for posterity, this is what I've found so far.

    Apparently there was a cloud-based solution called codebender. It got killed off, and sadly the devs declined to make their code open source (although a good chunk of it was already open).

    The remnants of codebender got shuffled over to so that the edu sector wouldn't be totally stranded. It has a per-seat license fee.

    Since the work I'm doing isn't funded, I'm using the demo version of in the classroom, which allows unlimited seats but restricts your code to 30 lines. That's enough to get the kids started (especially if we leave out some line breaks).

    It's a good argument for the Raspberry Pi over the Arduino; self-contained, self-standing computing providing everything one needs to learn Linux, server admin,programming, and robotics.

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    hi. I suggest to look to Particle Photon. I can't post an URL because I am a new forum member here, but Google on it. It's an Arduino based board with Wifi onboard with an open source cloud IDE. You can flash your code by the cloud. Best, Jurjen

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