While the Raspberry Pi has grabbed many headlines as a tiny, ultra-inexpensive, pocketable computer that runs various open source operating systems, it's actually only one of many tiny LInux computers being touted as part of a new "Linux punk ethic." As we've noted, there are various pocket-size Android devices selling online for under $100 (see the photo).

These devices are illustrating that the prices for very powerful miniature computers can be driven very low. Now, there are some reports emerging that Google may be working on a small, inexpensive HDMI stick PC that runs Chrome OS. It wouldn't be a bad idea.
According to Geek.com:

"Google may be working on an inexpensive HDMI stick PC of its very own called the Chromekey. Itís going to be quite a bit different than Dellís Project Ophelia or the innumerable Android sticks you may have read about. Thereís some debate about what kind of software the Chromekey will ship with. If the name is accurate, youíd expect Google to go with Chrome OS."

There are some different spins on these reports. Droid Life reports that a Chromekey from Google might be more of an intermediary device that you could buy for around $35 (exactly the Raspberry Pi price target) and use as more of a receiver to interact with your tablet, PC, phone and possibly TV:
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