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    Samsung Chromebook

    Welcome to

    I'd like to welcome you to - the third site in The Questions Network. If you have an account at or, you already have an account here. We're still getting setup so this site should still be considered in BETA. We're interested in any feedback you may have, from site design and forum categories to bug reports and feature requests.


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    Thanks for letting me be a little part of this organization even i'm a newbie, Hello everyone hopping the best for all of You.

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    Thanks for starting this site up. I am diving into making my first chrome packaged app and I am sure I will be having questions that this community will help me answer. I will also gladly help answer any questions that I can to help make the community stronger. Thanks!

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    I am known as AndyDP on "" I have purchased an Acer Chromebook, about three weeks ago. I am quite happy with it.
    The interesting difference is that this model has a RJ-45 input as well as the internal wireless card. The model is C710-2457.
    It handholds wirelessly really well in the New York City hospital setting I have used it.
    At home I ran in some typical home router problems: that is, I needed to add the wireless device to my Netgear home basic (ie cheap) router device access list.
    Since the network card address was not documented, it took some failures (which spelled out the wireless address, from helpful error messages) in order to document the address. So right now all is connecting in my dual environment.

    Quite an impressive light laptop for about $225.

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    I just received the brand new Acer C720P with a touchscreen - my first Chromebook (replacing my aged and beloved System76 Ubuntu netbook). Very nice machine (see my Amazon review for details)!

    I do plan to eventually run Crouton alongside ChromeOS, but I've been pleased by the latter's functionality thus far.

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    Just got a Chromebook for Christmas, so far I think it's great. I'm hoping this site will give me tips and tricks into operating my new Chromebook.

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    Cool Hello

    I am new to this but I am sure s time passes I will have something of value to add.

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    hello i am new, from Ecuador

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    Hey guys..! I'm new, from Indonesia. I have some good tips from here so thought I'd finally join in.

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