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    Crome vs FireFox, Why?

    The subject line says it all, why one over the other? FireFox seems to be great, no problems with it.

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    Firefox is old browser and has lot of features when compared to chrome

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    Why not both..
    Chrome is great for G Docs.
    Occasionally it helps to use separate browser browser to keep two separate projects going

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    depend on usage. but anyhow firefox is better

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    Firefox is very much compatible for SEO. But chrome is bit faster while browsing ..

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    I dont know technically why, but yes.. firefox is the best

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    I like Firefox.. because its comfortable for me

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    Chrome is faster while browsing and it is good for google docs and Firefox is compatible for SEO.

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    Crome vs FireFox Why

    I dont see why its the best.

    They say its faster - opera is faster than FF for me

    But FireFox is a awesome browser, with the plugins I run I would be lost without them. That is where Opera is lacking IMO.

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    Chrome and Firefox comparison

    Without a doubt, either Web browser is more than capable of doing any common browser task. Firefox is rich in the number and variety of customizations, Add On modules and Extensions.

    When Chrome was young, it was very small and very fast. Chrome, once activated, renders pages well, and the number of features has greatly expanded. But to say that it has any particular advantage over Firefox is an argument more about preferences than about significant difference.

    In their current versions, both browsers are now very mature. Someone mentioned Opera - that's mature too, but the rendering engine beneath the Opera browsing interface has changed - I believe that it uses one of the Webkit variations that Chrome took and popularized, but that's a moving target too. There are now different spin-offs of the rendering engine and it's difficult to keep track of what's what at any given time.

    What I can tell you in confidence is this: on either a Linux or a Windows system configuration, you can use either Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, and unless you are tied very closely to a specific feature, you should be able to use any of them with only minor differences. Each have advantages in a few niche areas, but for the most part, 90% of what they do is virtually identical regardless of what you use. I'd suggest that the customizations and extensions are what differentiate them the most. If you use a stock browser, fear not, use whatever is available and it'll perform well.

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