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    Need to fdisk and reinstall to clean disk.

    Hi guys. Bought a nice little laptop with OK RAM and decent HD size for a very good price.
    I've been a Linux user since 1995, started with Slackware.
    Bought the laptop on eBay with virtually zero knowledge of ChromeOS.

    Had no idea my lap top would have me locked out.
    All I want is to remove ChromeOS to make the disk clean and install a good Linux package.
    Chrome is just fine except it really has nothing for me/us.
    Hard drive is virtually unused as everything goes to Google drive.
    I don't want anything of any importance to me/us stored anywhere but locally.

    Also the machine is just of zero use without a network connection and I work off line a lot on
    security systems. Any help? Don't need this OS. It's just of no use.

    How do I get Google to let me unlock UEFI to clean this nice little machine up?

    Pete G

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    Look for Developer Mode. From there, you can enable USB booting among other things.

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    You have to enable developer mode, and then you have several options. You can use the crouton scripts to run Linux in a chroot inside ChromeOS, or you can use an external drive with Linux installed on it, or you can flash the bootloader to boot Linux directly from the SSD. On most chromebooks, that's a little iffy, because most only have 16GB SSDs. Some models have removable SSDs, which let you install larger ones, some don't. I have no idea what yours has, since you didn't list the model. Google John Lewis and Matt DeVillier, or visit the coreboot community on Google+.

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    Need to fdisk and reinstall to clean disk

    I attempt to run either game and it "stops responding". Anyone know how I can make it work?

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