Google's Chromebooks have been perennial bestsellers on Amazon, and now the company has launched a new site designed to promote Chromebooks. The new site seems focused more on touting the virtues of Chromebooks in daily life, and less on promoting tech specs.

You can check out the new Chromebook site for yourself to see the changes Google has made:

Chromebooks are easy to use, have virus protection built-in, and keep going with a long-life battery, so you can, too. Chromebooks are automatically kept up to date, so you’ll always have the latest virus protection, along with the latest features like Voice Search. Best of all, your Chromebook won’t slow down over time.

No setup needed, just log in with your Google account. No long load times, just flip it open and get busy doing anything other than waiting. And with a long-life battery, you can leave your charger at home.

Unlike traditional computers, Chromebook updates automatically so it doesn’t slow down over time. With a long-life battery, you can leave your charger at home.

Keep getting stuff done when you’re disconnected from the web by using offline apps like Gmail and Google Docs.
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