Most Chromebooks on the market are pretty similar ó theyíre inexpensive, 11-inch laptops meant for doing basic tasks. But Google and its OEM partners are slowly starting to expand the definition of what makes a Chromebook. The 15-inch Acer Chromebook is a good example of a new market Chromebooks are entering ó and today Google and Asus are announcing another new Chromebook that takes aim at another popular Windows form factor.

The new Asus Chromebook Flip is unlike any other on the market. At 10.1 inches, it's even smaller than most Chromebooks on the market, but the all-metal chassis is much stronger and premium-feeling than most of its plastic-built relatives. And like a number of Windows laptops, the Flipís hinge can bend all the way around so the device can be used in tablet mode. Of course, that means the Flipís screen is a touchscreen, something only seen on a few other Chromebooks thus far. The onboard accelerometer means you can easily use the Flip in either portrait or landscape; the preproduction hardware and software made the switch without any trouble.

Chrome OS still isn't really designed with touch in mind, but those touchscreen features should get a lot more use soon ó Google says that as of today, any Android developer can start using the App Runtime for Chrome (still in beta). That means those developers will be able to port their Android apps right over to Chrome OS with minimal hassle, something Google first announced back at I/O last year.
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