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Thread: Hello in 2015

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    Hello in 2015

    My name is John "Jack" Socha and I have been doing tutorials about computing ever since my audiobook "The DOS Tape" came out in the 80's. Did 3 editions and one for IBM "The PCDOS Tape." Later "What is Windows?" "What is Windows 95?" "What's a Modem?" and "How To Buy Your First Digital Camera." There are more out now and more coming.

    Despite that explaining Windows has kept me employed periodically, I do enjoy smaller, more fun operating systems. When I had some meetings with Rick Hansen, founder of the Club 100 for Tandy Portable 100/102 users, he talked about "simple computers for simple tasks." My first journalistic contact with Linux was with "Lindows" a distro promptly stomped on by MS. My favorite is Puppy Linux.

    I bought a refurb HP 14 Chromebook from and love how it works. I only use my Windows 8.1 laptop for audio editing, web editing and billing. The Chromebook does most of what I need and takes the pressure/risk off the "work" laptop from being dropped, infected, etc.

    So I'm here to listen and learn. Thanks!

    PS: I am NOT the John Socha of C++ programming fame and other high-end coding.

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