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Is there anything that Google didn't announce at the keynote of its Google I/O developers conference Wednesday morning?

Google just unleashed a fury of new features for all of its properties today at the Google I/O keynote. We saw new developer features for Android, a variety of tools and functions for the Chrome browser and OS, a boatload of pictures and communication features for Google+ (along with a redesign), the expansion of Google’s Knowledge Graph, new music, new maps for mobile and more. It is enough to make your head spin just thinking about how much stuff Google is doing these days.

But there were things we thought we might see from the I/O keynote that did not show up.

  • A New Version Of Android
  • Hardly Any New Hardware
  • Google Glass Makes No News
  • No Major Upgrade to Chrome OS
That last one was particularly surprising to us. The article notes:
Chrome was a major topic during the I/O keynote. Google featured the mobile Web, the Chrome Pixel from Samsung and demoed HTML5 and responsive design features.

Yet Google did not do anything groundbreaking with Chrome OS. Google’s desktop operating system never really seems to take major jumps - instead seeing a constant stream of new updates and features. Chrome may not seem like it is evolving much on a day-to-day or month-to-month basis, but look back a year and you will notice that it is significantly different today than it was at last year’s I/O.
What are your thoughts on the lack of Chrome OS updates?