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Thread: C++ or C+

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    C++ or C+

    Is there an app to program C+ or C++

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    NaCl supports C and C++. From the Native Client Overview page:

    Native Client (NaCl) is an open-source technology for running native compiled code in the browser, with the goal of maintaining the portability and safety that users expect from web applications. Native Client expands web programming beyond JavaScript, enabling you to enhance your web applications using your preferred language. This document describes some of the key benefits and common use cases of Native Client.

    Google has implemented the open-source Native Client project in the Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. The Native Client Software Development Kit (SDK), itself an open-source project, lets you create web applications that use NaCl and run in Chrome across multiple platforms.

    A Native Client web application consists of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and a NaCl module written in a language supported by the SDK. The NaCl SDK currently supports C and C++; as compilers for additional languages are developed, the SDK will be updated.

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    How good does it work?

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    Yes, there are applications for android platforms like Run The Code (IDE)" and "AIDE- IDE for Android Java c++. You can find them in Google Store. Or may be select a compiler for your language. You can find this as well in Google Store.

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