Adobe is bringing ‘the king’ of all photo editing software, Photoshop, to Linux-based Chrome OS. Chrome OS powered devices such as Chromebooks and Chromeboxes already have a decent line-up of ‘applications’ that can work offline and eliminate the need of a traditional desktop computer.

I have been using my Samsung Chromebook extensively, but there are a few things that keep it from becoming my primary desktop and those being professional grade image and video editing software. I use Apple’s MacBook Pro Retina to access Adobe’s Photoshop, Lightroom and Premier to deal with images and videos for my professional work.

That may change soon as Adobe has opened its doors to Chrome OS. Google and Adobe have partnered to bring Adobe’s solutions to Chrome OS devices.

Stephen Konig, Product Manager at Google says, “Today, in partnership with Adobe, we’re welcoming Creative Cloud onto Chromebooks, initially with a streaming version of Photoshop. This will be available first to U.S.-based Adobe education customers with a paid Creative Cloud membership—so the Photoshop you know and love is now on Chrome OS. No muss, no fuss.”
Do note that, "the offering is it beta stage and is available only to the customers of Creative Cloud Education, residing in the USA."

What do you think?

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