It hasn't been all that long since Toshiba's first Chromebook hit the market, but the company is already back for round two. Toshiba's new Chromebook 2 doesn't look all that different from its predecessor at first glance, but the company says that it has implemented a number of changes based on customer feedback on the first model. Perhaps most immediately obvious is you can get the machine with a 1080p screen, up from the 1366 x 768 display found in Toshiba's first Chromebook. While ChromeOS isn't exactly optimized for such a resolution, plenty of people will probably prefer to live with the small icons and text in exchange for more real estate than you can find in nearly every other Chromebook on the market.

Of course, Samsung's own Chromebook 2 also features a 1080p display, but we found that panel lacking in a lot of ways. We only had a few minutes to check out Toshiba's display, but it seems to be a pretty solid option viewing angles were good and colors were vibrant. We'll need to put it through a more thorough review first, but it seems that Toshiba's new model might be the superior option if you're interested in a high-resolution Chromebook.

The next biggest change to Toshiba's new model is a set of thoughtful design improvements: the Chromebook 2 weighs just under three pounds and is a bit smaller and less chunky than its predecessor. It still sports the same "silver plastic MacBook Air aesthetic," and the keyboard and trackpad are both fine without being standouts. It's not the most attractive Chromebook we've seen, but it's certainly not offensive and feels solidly put together.
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