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    Cool My own Greeting thread ;)

    Greetings all ~ and a big thanks to Jeremy, for gettin` this started - 14 yrs ago!! Glad to be here to, since 2006.
    A 'vital' site, to aquire good help/advise...and to pass on the same.

    Rock on ~
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    Lenovo N22 Chromebook (previously owned an original Google Chromebook CR-48 prototype)
    Hi Stanz!

    I'm new only to the Chrome OS Forum, but I've been a member of the original Linux Questions for many years: (I had to check my profile to see how long it's been - I registered with LQ way back on April 8, 2002 - no wonder I couldn't remember!) :-)

    I've been a Chromebook user a relatively long time as well - in December 2010, I received a prototype Chromebook CR-48, which I think still lives on, though I donated it to my 16 year old son. I now have a Lenovo Chromebook N22 - in fact, my household has two of them - my wife also uses one and rarely uses Windows anymore at home.

    My Linux background dates back to 1995. My UNIX background dates much further - 1982 was when I first was able to regularly use it; my first "introduction" was a lab PDP-11/45 in the mid 1970s when I was in my undergraduate education. Speaking of UNIX and Linux, I personally know Jon 'maddog" Hall, who was a UNIX Product Manager for many years and a past president of Linux International and a "godfather" to one of Linus Torvald's children. I can still remember chatting in the hallways in Merrimack, NH with Jon as we'd be waiting for a bag of popcorn to pop in the microwave oven. That's a "real trip back in time!"

    So I'm a "newbie" only to this forum. I wasn't always a big "historian", but in the operating system community, I've been through most of the evolutionary stages we've had to this point and I've come to enjoy reviewing, sharing, and discussing technology with others.

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