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    Here's How Your Chromebook Is About To Get A Lot Better

    At this year's Google I/O, the company announced a handful of new features for Chromebooks that are designed to bridge Android and Chrome OS closer together.

    Google's Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pichai described how Android phones will closely integrate with Chromebooks after a future software update.

    Here's a brief overview of the key new features coming to Chromebooks:

    You can now unlock your Chromebook by using your smartphone. If you're phone is near you while you're using your Chromebook, you won't need to manually sign in. The Chromebook will use your phone as verification and automatically unlock your Chrome laptop.

    • Incoming calls and texts from your Android phone will appear on your Chromebook desktop.
    • Your Chromebook will be able to tell you when your phone's battery is getting low.
    • Android apps may come to Chrome OS.
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    Android apps may come to Chrome OS
    If Google chooses to eventually produce Chrome OS tablets and phones which are compatible with most common Android apps it may be the beginning of the decline for the Android OS IMO.

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