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    Question Help me review this WebRTC app.

    I've recently stumbled upon a webrtc app on chromestore. It's the app. Here is the link of it: I think it's a pretty decent app. Has anyone among you here tried it? What do you think about this webrtc app? If you had, please share your experience with it.

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    It works on any computer (of course any computer that has computing power more than 500MhZ and has web camera and microphone--that includes smartphones and tablets). It is a nice app indeed. I haven't tried screen sharing in tablet devices yet. If you want screen sharing, you must really use a Chrome browser. Otherwise, you cannot share your screen activity. There are others that offer this very kind of service, but I've found this preferably better for the reason that all it requires for you to enjoy it is internet connection, computing device (smartphone/tablet/laptop), and participants. It does not need any licensed software, personal details, and your money. I tried it with my neighbors and it was fun.

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