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    ubuntu 14.04LTS on Chromebook

    I'm thinking of buying a chromebook and putting Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on it. The point is weight and price. Any suggestions on which hardware is good for this?

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    I have put it on a unit with 2GB memory, but you have to tweak it or it doesn't seem to run well. You might want to look at a 4GB memory unit instead. Units run from around 2.5 lb to 4.2 lb so there light. Besides memory, you might want to think on the display size.

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    Question Ubuntu RAM requirements

    Be interested to know what the Ubuntu RAM usage is - we abandoned Ubuntu a while back due to the memory footprint and graphics requirements. Lubuntu and Xubuntu ran far better than Ubuntu on low RAM/integrated graphics machines, in our experience. Faster and less crashy too.
    For us, the best compromise between lightness and bling is Bodhi Linux - a 'Buntu base with Enlightenment desktop and a dash of secret sauce.
    Bodhi runs in 256MB and runs well in 512MB, so 2GB is more than plenty.
    It also has a dedicated release for the Acer C720 Chromebook.
    The plan is to try that with a physically tiny USB3 stick to supplement the on-board 16GB, although the 720 can have its SSD upgraded.
    We might try that later on.

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