In a blog post constructed as rhythmic verse, Google has confirmed that Chromebooks--portable computers running the Chrome OS platform--are coming to nine new global regions: Norway, Denmark, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand, and the Philippines. As we've reported, Chromebooks are becoming more popular and are also introducing a lot of users to using cloud applications, storage in the cloud and other cloud-centric concepts. It's becoming clear that Google sees a number of niche and emerging markets as promising for Chromebooks.

Including the nine new countries that Google has announced, Chromebooks are now available in 25 countries.

If you stay tuned to news from U.S. school districts, you'll also see that school systems are purchasing Chromebooks at a steady clip. Westwood High School in Massachussetts is buying Chromebooks to issue to students who will return them once they graduate. The Bell-Chatham school board has approved Chromebook purchases for students, as has the Sumner School District.

It's no secret why school systems are opting for Chromebooks rather than computers running Apple or Microsoft platforms. Chromebooks are inexpensive, with solid systems available for under $250. Google has also made solid steps toward providing compatibility with Microsoft Office applications. Through Google's acquisition of QuickOffice, it is allowing users of the Chrome browser and Chrome OS to edit Microsoft Office applications.
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