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    Any Chromebooks with numberpad on keyboard?

    Hello everyone.

    Are there any Chromebooks with a numberpad on keyboard included? I want to buy a Chromebook soon but have not been able to find any that have a numberpad included on the keyboard. If anyone can give any info or point me in the right direction it would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks!


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    Samsung Chromebook
    I haven't come across one, but it should be possible to add an external USB numberpad without issue.


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    External USB numberpad

    I used an external USB numberpad with a laptop. I didn't like it. I strongly prefer a built-in numberpad.
    (It seems that Chromebook manufacturers are all competing on price rather than features.)
    As soon as I see a Chromebook with a built-in numberpad I plan to order one and, after testing, switch my whole office to them.

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    Sorry, the largest unit is the HP Chromebook 14 which is too small for the numeric key pad.

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    Cool accessories

    Most laptops in general do not have any numbered keypads. Invest in a quality keyboard, mouse, and monitor if you're doing heavy work. Chromebooks have HDMI out which means they work great with newer monitors. I also recommend going to Best buy and getting the Ethernet to USB adapter. It's freaking wickedly fast with a Chromebook.

    Or just get a Chromebox instead and be happy.

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    I know that it has been 2+ years since I have responded to this thread that I started. I am sorry. Thank you all for your responses. Any new Chromebooks that have come out since then that might have a number pad?

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