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    Chrome OS Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

    Chrome OS has quite a few useful keyboard shortcuts. I've included some of the more popular ones below, but one nice feature relating to keyboard shortcuts is that ctrl+alt+? will give you a complete visualized overlay of all shortcuts.

    Explanation of top keys
    • Key 1: Escape key
    • Key 2/F1: Go to the previous page in your browser history
    • Key 3/F2: Go to the next page in your browser history
    • Key 4/F3: Reload the current page
    • Key 5/F4: Open the current app in full-screen mode
    • Key 6/F5: Switch to the next window
    • Key 7/F6: Decrease screen brightness
    • Key 8/F7: Increase screen brightness
    • Key 9/F8: Mute
    • Key 10/F9: Decrease system volume
    • Key 11/F10: Increase system volume
    • Key 12: Power key

    Useful Shortcuts
    • ctrl+shift+q: Log out
    • ctrl+shift+l: Lock screen
    • ctrl+shift+t: Reopen most recently closed tab
    • alt+left: Go back
    • alt+right: Go forward
    • alt+up: Page up
    • alt+down: Page down
    • ctrl+shift+n: Open a new incognito window
    • ctrl+Key 6/F5: Take a screen shot
    • ctrl+backspace: Delete previous word
    • shift+esc: Launch task manager
    • ctrl+alt+?: View additional keyboard shortcuts
    • ctrl+shift+v: Paste as plain text
    • ctrl+shift+backspace: Clear browser data
    • ctrl+alt+t: Launch the crosh shell (Chrome Shell)


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    Dear Jeremy,

    this thread is very helpful T h a n k s > > > > < < < <

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you so much such a good shortcut list.

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Its a really valid post and I am thanking you by heart


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