How focused has Samsung become on Chromebooks--portable computers that run Google's cloud-centric Chrome OS? According to a report in DigiTimes, after cutting its targets for notebook computer sales, the company may have plans to "no longer launch conventional notebook models except Chromebooks in 2015, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers." While there is no official confirmation from Samsung, the move would represent a big shift for Samsung and one of the biggest votes of confidence yet for Chromebooks.

Samsung's 2013 notebook sales came up short of estimates according to DigiTimes, which would not be a surprise. Back in October 2012, we were reporting on how Samsung was going all in on inexpensive Chromebooks. The company has steadily offered under-$300 models, and gotten good reviews for them.

When it comes to incentives, Samsung has also made it a practice to make Chromebook purchases attractive for buyers. There have been several types of freebies, but among the significant ones, with a new Samsung Chromebook purchase users have typically gotten 100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years (valued at almost $120).
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Does anyone think Samsung will make this move and focus exclusively on Chromebooks?