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    Booting from USB on HP Chromebook

    Does anyone know how to get into the bios before it auto starts? I want to change the boot order to run linux on a usb stick.
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    You don't need BIOS access for this. To boot from USB:

    1) Enable developer mode.
    2) Run "crossystem dev_boot_usb=1" and reboot once.
    3) When you'd like to boot from USB, ensure a bootable USB drive is inserted and then hit Ctrl-U during the blue screen.

    NOTE: Entering developer mode will erase ALL personal data on the "stateful partition" (i.e., user accounts and settings, etc.) This should all be backed up in the Google cloud, but is something you should be aware of.


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    Thanks a lot Jeremy.It was confusing. Thanks for bing their.

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    i did that but there is not a blue screen the a white screen then i press ctrl + d to sign in can u please help me i did the usb and dev mode but there is no blue screen can u send me a picture or something

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    its helpful Jeremy,
    you step by guide make it easy.

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    it is so simple. but any how was a question

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    What exactly do you mean by "reboot once" after running the crossystem command?

    Please be specific.

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    Great thing thanks for clearing my confusion too

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