On a trip through a local Best Buy this weekend, I was struck by the number of Chromebooks (computers running Google's Chrome OS platform) there were, and by the number of tablet devices for sale. In case you've missed the trend, traditional PC form factors and operating systems are facing big challenges. In fact, Chromebooks have been one of the few bright spots in the overall hardware market, along with tablets.

Now, there are reports emerging that we may soon see tablets running Chrome OS.

There already is a Chromebook that features a touchscreen: the Chromebook Pixel. And, large hardware makers are supporting Chrome OS. HP recently delivered a slick Chromebook, and LG is expected to deliver many devices featuring Chrome OS. According to an Ubergizmo report:

"Recently, Google’s François Beaufort reported the latest developer version of Chrome OS includes a virtual keyboard that nearly has all of the keys you’d find on the physical Chromebook keyboard. This also includes top-tier keys that normally wouldn’t be included on virtual keyboards, such as volume, full-screen and brightness settings. Additional touchscreen gestures are also being supported in newer versions of Chrome OS, such as Chrome OS 30′s improved touchscreen support."
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